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Featured Wedding Album Designs

At Moreland Photography, our creative process does not end on your Wedding Day, because we offer custom made Wedding Albums to all our bride and grooms and parents! The albums below are original and hand crafted using J&D Albums. The design process starts at our Studio, you pick out your favorites and fill out a form that helps guide our designers about your style and 3-4 weeks later you receive your album design proofs! After one round of changes, it’s off to the album company where they print and hand bind your wonderfully crafted wedding albums. We believe that if it’s truly art it will last forever, therefore we do not use any templates when designing our albums. We base our designs off of your style and the images you pick as your favorites! If you look at the album designs below and don’t like any, don’t worry! Every wedding album is personalized and unique to your style, the album designs below are just some of our favorites! They vary from traditional to journalistic to contemporary and everything in between. It’s best to come into our studio to see and feel the final album product, but we can at least show you some of the designs! Each of the icons below is its own wedding album. When you click on an icon a gallery will slide down on the page for you to click through the spreads.